For Candidates

For Candidates

Thank you for contacting Cass Company LLC.

Why work with Cass & Company?

We are a referral service for Nannies, Nanny/ Managers, Governess’s, Household, Estate and Corporate help as well as Eldercare/Companions, Personal & Executive Assistants, Caretaker’s & Estate Couples, Butler’s Maids, Groundskeepers, Baby nurses, Tutors, Social Secretaries, Nurses Aides, Baby Aide’s and more.

  • We handle the whole interview/hiring process for you from scheduling interviews to negotiating your contract.
  • We consider this a partnership and we are always a call away for ongoing support
  • There is NO cost to you as a candidate
  • We work with you to find the best fit for you!!

Requirements for Employment

  • 21 years of age
  • 3-5 years of professional experience in the role you are applying for
  • Legal authorization to work in the US
  • High school diploma
  • 3-5 verifiable references
  • Willing to submit to a background check

Dear Prospective Nanny/Governess/Household Help/Eldercare/Estate & Corporate Job Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in placement through Cass & Company, LLC we look forward to working with you.

Please complete, in full, the following application and submit when complete. In addition to the application, you need to submit the following:

  • A letter about yourself, including something about your life, where you were born, your childhood, what you have done with your life, what goals you may have, and why you would like to do the kind of job for which you are applying.
  • An enlarged, clear copy of your driver’s license: E-mailed, Faxed or Mailed
  • Two recent, good and clear pictures of yourself: E-mailed, Faxed or Mailed
  • Three to five written references, letters of recommendation or list of references
  • Please download and print the following three forms and once completed, please send via email, fax or mail

This additional information increases your employment offers. We encourage you to complete the application and forward this additional information as soon as possible and we can start submitting your information on you to potential employers.

Lastly, all Cass & Company job listings are confidential: If you are interviewing and accept a position by a Cass & Company Client you must report it to Cass & Company and never give the client information to anyone, e.g. friends, family, acquaintances etc. etc. A full placement fee will be due from you if you give client information that Cass & Company gives to you to a client; non-registered agent, or candidate and they accept/call the position. Otherwise there is never a fee charge to job applicants by Cass Company LLC.

Please send your information to Cass & Company LLC 75 State St. Suite 100, Boston, Ma 02109 or fax it to 1-888-453-2236, or E-mail it to We look forward to working with you.


Sara B. Cassinelli, MS, Administrator & The Staff of Cass & Company

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