Cass and Company places qualified housekeepers on a part time and full time basis who will grow with your family’s needs. Many family’s combine the role of housekeeper and cook or housekeeper and nanny, whatever your household needs are we can help you.

To find the right person for the role.

  • All of our housekeepers speak fluent English.
  • They can live in or out and work a variety of different schedules depending on your needs.
  • Many do light cooking and can be a back up nanny helping out with childcare when necessary.
  • They can run errands and pick up dry cleaning.
  • Our more executive housekeepers are well versed in managing other members of staff.
  • We can also offer laundry assistance, which can be a huge support to busy family life.

Our clients include private families, high profile individuals and celebrities as well as businesses and corporations.

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